Journeys Into American Territories

Fourth graders at Smithtown Elementary were involved in an American Indian program on Wednesday, December 17th, sponsored by our PTA. Students learned about the tribes native to our area and their traditions through a video presentation to start our day. Students enjoyed hearing stories about the Great Peacemaker, and how different symbols were used to …


The Lighthouse Project

Mrs. Meadows 3rd grade class recently finished reading a wonderful fiction book titled, The Storm by Cynthia Rylant. This text was used to revisit and strengthen reading strategies while providing opportunities to compare and analyze nonfiction paired texts on the topic of lighthouses. As a follow-up project students used text-based information to design and build …


Fifth Grade Bone and Muscle Throw Down!!

The fifth grade students at Smithtown Elementary School recently completed a unit on the Skeletal/Muscular System as part of their Science exploration. While reviewing the unit for a culminating test,each child created a board game to help classmates review concepts and become experts on bones and muscles. Creativity and fun were abound as they played …


2014 Shanti Fund Poster Contest Winner Zachary

Fifth grade Smithtown Elementary art student Zachary was awarded first place in the elementary school division (grades 1-5) for the 2014 Shanti Fund Youth for Peace art competition contest. Zachary was chosen and encouraged to partake in this year’s contest by his art teacher, Ms. Lewis. Volunteers of Shanti Fund reached out to every corner …


Dressed to Honor

Smithtown Elementary School 2nd grader, Peter Bonenfant, is a Marine Cadet. Peter chose to wear his uniform to school on September 11th “to honor the people who died on that day.” Private 1st class Peter has a brother in the United States Marine Corp, Lance Corporal Chris Bonenfant. Peter says that his pride for his …


4th Grade Welcome Bags

The fourth grade students at Smithtown Elementary joined together on May 14th, 2014 to decorate over 50 school themed canvas totes that held handmade items created including: bookmarks, key rings, welcome letters, school portraits, and donated school supplies. Each class also collected small donations of crayons, highlighters, and pencils from families. Newsday’s Futurecorp has decided …


Skype with Dr. Francis – Professor at Rutgers

Today students in Room 23 were so lucky to have a SKYPE session with Dr. Francis: Presently she is a Research Professor with the Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences and studies Arctic climate change and Arctic-global climate linkages with ~40 peer-reviewed publications on these topics. Thanks to Kenzie for looking to extend …

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